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For Wednesday I used the story lens “I want to remember…” for my main journaling. I’ve really enjoyed selecting a lens each day through which to view the day and guide my storytelling. This one really helped me look for the small and big stories throughout the day.

I want to remember that I chose to stay in bed this morning because I was tired and my body felt like it needed a slow start. That aiming for 2 out of 3 each day is good enough, whatever those things are. That I cannot do it all and that is OKAY. That I need to be more gentle with myself.

I want to remember that I ended up going for a walk anyway when Shawn expressed a need for more sleep and to go into work later than we planned. That my walk felt good – it always feels good to move my body. That the self-talk tapes that play in my head about health and wellness messages are a manifestation of my anxiety and need to be treated as such. I have the tools, I have to remember to use them.

I want to remember what our lives look like right now. They will be so different in a few months and certainly by next year. I am reminded of this when I look back at last year and recognize how much has actually changed – some pretty big changes, but also a million small tweaks brought us to today.

I want to remember how supportive Shawn and I are of each other. We have learned to truly listen to one another and communicate more clearly our needs and desires. We are in a really really good place.

I want to remember how much joy I get from drinking my hot tea from the mug I bought in Disneyland that features all of the Disney castles. It reminds me of all the miniatures along the route of the Storybook Canals ride that was the first ride we rode in Disneyland.

I want to remember that I feel best at work when I’m able to cross tasks off my list and check things as Complete in Wrike (our current digital project management software). Today is one of those days.

I want to remember how much I love our current team! This team is going places! We are sharp and relatively focused and have a good sense of direction for where we are headed. I love collaborating with people on work and I get to do that every day with my favorite people. So grateful for that!

I want to remember how pleasant it is to hang out with friends. We had a great time at dinner tonight with Jonathan, Tracy, and Samantha.

I want to remember the sweet card Samantha made for us. We sent Samantha a Learn to Draw Pokémon book for her birthday a couple weeks ago and she made us an awesome Thank You card with lots of Pokémon on it that she drew. So thoughtful and awesome!

I want to remember the way Ruby lays across the back of the loveseat like she’s a tiny cat! It’s way too funny, and very cute!

I want to remember how independent Ruby is right now. Most evenings she takes herself to bed. Many nights, like tonight, she makes her way to her cozy cave in my craft room and we find her sleeping there. A couple nights ago she spent a good part of the night in there; Shawn was sleeping downstairs and I was in bed and we both thought she was with the other, but she was in the craft room. I found ghost ball in there the next morning!

I want to remember to take care of myself and give my mind, body, soul what it needs when I can. Tonight, that’s rest and sleep. It’s 10:15 and I’m already in bed and plan to be asleep soon. It feels good to take care of myself.

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  1. Kary

    Just curious—how did you take the “aerial” photo of the people at work around the table? Drone? Someone on a ladder?? An indoor balcony that you talked someone into taking a photo for you from?!?!! 😂 Great photos, btw!

    • steph

      Thank you! I have a mini tripod and I set it up on the wall of cabinets behind my chair, then I used my Apple Watch to trigger the shutter on my iPhone. My colleagues are patient and helpful during my Week in the Life, but not sure exactly the lengths they would go to to help me get “the shot”! Thanks for checking out the site!

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