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Love Letters to Yourself


Now Enrolling! Course begins November 4, 2019

Writing love letters can be a moving experience. Writing love letters to yourself?
Well that can be downright life-changing!

Join me in this course as we explore the practice of writing love letters to ourselves as a way to build confidence, learn how to listen to and trust our inner voice, and shower ourselves with love. This course uses letter writing as a tool for reflection on our experiences and processing our thoughts and emotions. Through a variety of letter writing prompts, you will practice experiencing your life with more insight and grow to see yourself as the confident, empowered individual you really are.



This course includes 8 individual lessons with letter writing prompts focused on self-appreciation. Prompts will be published on Mondays for 8 consecutive weeks through the classroom. In addition to writing a letter to yourself each week, I am encouraging you to pair your letter with a selfie.

You’re invited to document these letters and selfies in any way you choose! You may choose to make an album, use a paper journal, a journaling app on your phone, or social media – the format doesn’t matter as much as the practice. (I will be using a 6×8 album for my weekly letters and selfies). And don’t worry if you’re not comfortable taking photos of yourself, I will share some tips with you in the course for becoming more comfortable. Remember, you don’t have to share them with anyone! I promise it will be fun!


Each lesson includes:

  • A unique love letter prompt
  • A video presentation about the prompt
  • A full color PDF handout with information from the video presentation
  • My take on the prompt and accompanying project

Your registration includes:

  • Access to the course classroom
  • Access to a private Facebook group open only to participants in this course

ENROLL NOW FOR JUST $25, and learn how to grow your confidence and self-appreciation through the practice of writing love letters to yourself.