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I’m so excited to share with you a detailed walkthrough of my completed 2021 Yearbook (aka Project Life album). I’ve taken to calling these Yearbooks instead of Project Life albums, since I’m no longer using any Becky Higgins products nor really following the PL system.

In 2021, I documented the year in a monthly format inside a 9×12” album from Ali Edwards. In 2021, I stopped my subscription to Ali Edwards’ Stories by the Month physical kits. I was a subscriber to the physical kits for 3 years and had a lot of product from those kits still in my stash, so I wanted to use it up! So for this album I focused on using those bits from my stash and supplemented with the digital Stories by the Month kits from 2017 and 2020. I’ve got some other products sprinkled in throughout and you can see more about those at the links at the end of this post.

My favorite feature of this album are the full page 9×12″ photos – by far! I loved bookending the months with a seasonal photo of our life or nature photo taken on my walks or outdoor adventures. I definitely plan to continue this in my 2022 yearbook, although my format will be changing (more on that to come soon).

This was my second year documenting in a monthly approach and I really enjoyed it very much. I love looking back at the highlights of our year and all the stories I managed to capture in this album alone.

Here’s a video that provides a detailed look at the complete album.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or over on the video on my YouTube page.

Thanks for visiting!

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