Week in the Life 2020 | Album Setup

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Let’s get straight to the point: I am a few months late on sharing this. I started prepping my album back before Week in the Life during the Week in the Life Prep Day that Ali Edwards hosted back in May. Then, I planned out my album and did all the work you’ll see today at the beginning of June. And then life happened and here we are in August!

Regardless, I still wanted to share with you how I setup my album for Week in the Life this year, how I plan this project using my Story Planner, and how I create a photo map on my iPad using the GoodNotes app. I’ve put together a pretty detailed video on my planning process and what my album looks like right now, before I’ve added photos and words or any embellishments. This video shares the first step in my process following the documenting week and I follow a similar process each year.

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