A Letter for this Season

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In all this talk of letter writing over the last few weeks, I want to extend a challenge to you today. Consider this an invitation to join me in writing a letter to yourself this week.

  1. As we head into the busy holiday season, pause and reflect on how you would like to experience this holiday season.
    • Here are a few questions to consider:
      • What hopes or wishes do you have for the season?
      • What do you want to create this season?
      • How do you want to feel during the holidays?
      • What do you need to let go of?
      • How will you stay present throughout the season?
      • How will you show yourself love and care throughout the season, especially in the crazy moments?
  2. Write a letter to yourself to be read throughout the holiday season to remind yourself what is most important to you and help you re-focus on those priorities.

Find a special place for your letter; somewhere you will see it again throughout the upcoming season. This could be in a drawer, in a journal, on your mirror, on your fridge, inside your planner, or in a holiday project album (like 30 Days of Gratitude or December Daily). Optionally, you could also share your letter if you’d like. This could be on social media or with a friend or family member or you can send it to me if you’d like to share in that way. Totally your choice.

Here is my letter…

“Dear Me, As we head into this busy holiday season full of activities and expectations, let’s get clear on our intention to savor the quiet, set limits, and EMBRACE SLOW. It is still an unknown time for our family and could be easy to keep busy as a distraction, but resist that urge. This season I want to create cozy moments focused on what really brings me joy – togetherness and connection. I need to let go of the expectations I put on myself to fill every moment and say yes to every invitation. Leave space to be surprised. I want a season of more time spent connecting and less hustle and bustle. More hot chocolate and less shopping. More quiet and less chaos. More observing and less fretting. More slow and less hurry. I hope to cultivate a sense of calm during the holidays and focus on what matters most. Love, Me”

I used an acetate heart from Ali Edwards to embellish my letter so that I can add it to my current Project Life album where I will be working the rest of the year and will see it many times over. Eventually, I may move it to my December Daily album, but for now this is a place I know I will see it over and over again and be able to read and re-read my message to myself.

If you enjoyed this exercise…

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I hope to see you in the classroom!

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