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Hi all! I’m back today with a video showing what I’ve done ahead of time to setup my album for this year’s Week in the Life (which starts next week, May 6th!).

I like to start with a sketched plan of my daily pages, which page protectors I’m going to use each day, so I have a sense of what I need for each day before the project begins. I usually do this in my Story Planner from Ali Edwards. This is also where I keep track of story ideas and photo ideas for the week.

Then, I like to setup my album and make my title page ahead of time. This helps because I get SO excited about this project that it gives me something to do while I wait for the documentation week to roll around. This video shows my daily plan and what I’ve done ahead of time to get my album all ready to go!

I hope you’re as excited as I am! What do you like to do to prep for Week in the Life?

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  1. Cara

    I love the cards you have chosen for your DIY kit, and your his/hers ideas. Looking forward to seeing how it all goes.

  2. RachelJoy

    I had a couple of ideas for your his/hers theme! What about how you take your morning coffee, or your “box lunch” since you both work at the same company? Or your morning routine for getting ready? Or explore how each of you typically interact with your pooch, does one of you snuggle while the other roughhouses and plays? Or how do you handle dinner prep, does one cook and one clean? Do you do different styles of food if you alternate nights of cooking? What do you do to wind down in the evening, maybe highlight the books you are reading or if one of you always showers before bed while the other prefers the morning? This really got me thinking about the differences between my boys, so I think I will highlight some of those too!

    • steph

      What fantastic ideas Rachel! Thank you so much for sharing them with me. I love the interactions with our pup idea – they are different approaches for sure!

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